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In the grand scheme of things, not a lot of people really appreciates me. I’ve learned over the years to accept that and still to do the best I can do with what I do. No I’m not the most talented smarted hottest guy on earth, but all I can ask for of myself is to do my best. Hopefully what I think I deserve will come with that.

-Was working my ass off on this paper
-netflix was in the corner of the screen but wasn’t really paying attention
-my “father” walks into the room
-he sighs
-he says “are you really so addicted to that show that you won’t let anything stop it? Can you live without any technology? All you do is pay attention to that and you don’t do anything else. I can see how your work ethic proves how far you’re going in life”
-by the way I’m going to study music education on a a scholarship to a major university, I am an Eagle Scout, second best in the state at what I do, I’m getting a 4.1 GPA this quarter AND I’m in a healthy relationship with a girl I love very much. It seems like my work ethic is working out pretty well.
-and just to throw out there, he put more effort into playing on how iPhone than he has ever out towards raising me up to be a man.

We have been learning about feminism for the past quarter in English, and when I asked my teacher when we are going to start reading literature she said no time soon. I’m glad common core teaches me how to think like a women instead of learning something useful. Thanks Obama!

I’ve been actually better with Jenna here but thank you anon. You mean a lot to me and even though I don’t know who you are I feel like I made another friend today

parsley sage rosemary and thyme 

Sorry anon I’m just ranting but what happened was between Jenna and I

I feel dead. I wish I could help her but she doesn’t trust me and thats my fault